Energy Update: Week of July 21-27

This week’s energy report for the collective consciousness and Gaia. A video of a three-card comparative tarot reading using two tarot decks: the RWS deck and The Tarot of Creativity.

Synopsis: the nascent energy that was shown to be just beginning (but hidden) in last week’s reading—the upside-down Ace of Wands/Fire—is now here (visible) in the upright card. But we have to honor the past that brought us here—the 5 of Cups/Water—beyond that rite of passage lies an excitement for what is finally here. We are called upon to start generating this excitement as a way to connect with this new energy and allow it to expand into our lives.

Keywords: Connect/Build, New Energy/Birth, Excitement/Expansion

  • 8 of Pentacles/Earth
  • Ace of Wands/Fire
  • 5 of Cups/Water

Keywords: Connect/Build, New Energy/Birth, Excitement/Expansion

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