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$44—Tarot deck of 80 cards in a plum-colored drawstring tarot bag.
+ NEW! The Little White Book  (ebook) is included with every deck.

$10 shipping and handling in USA. International customers: please pay through the button above: an additional charge of $10 will be billed to your email address. (These decks are printed in small batches. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.)


I had the amazing opportunity of using the Tarot of Creativity deck last Monday. It is truly a work of art and love. As I first went through the cards, I felt the aliveness in them. I felt as though the images were coming out and reaching deep parts of my inner self. Aliyah and I exchanged readings.

This was a truly blissful experience. I could feel how her Tarot deck has her pure essence, her life, her experiences, her lessons, her love.

It is a very mature, yet innocent and spontaneous deck that truly reaches your soul and makes you reevaluate your intellectual creativity from that pure place inside if you. It is an awesome tool for marrying your body, mind, and soul. Thank you Aliyah for sharing this gift with the rest of the world.

~Abel Valdez

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  1. Thank you for creating the beautiful deck and companion book. I am new to learning tarot and have been looking for a special deck. I have found it.

    Thank you again. I am grateful for this website and will offer a donation.

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